One big iPhone versus post [Updated]

There are lots of “iPhone vs ….. ” article out there. Since iPhone ‘reinvented’ smart phones many other companies tried to follow iPhone path. Closest competitor is Android-based phones with multitouch support. iPhone… Continue reading

Prevent iPhoto from opening when you plug in your iPhone/iPod Touch

for me it’s a bit annoying when osx fires iPhoto when you connect your iPhone. Like always I searched for a solution and I found this guide by 37Signals, well I followed the… Continue reading

Voice Band, Your own studio

with Voice Band App you can record your own song, All you have to do is having an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad and Voice Band App. watch how it works:

Why Google?

Apple please don’t price iPad £499

Just don’t simply change $ to £ like you did for iPhone! It’s silly apple! and another thing, would you please implement a file manager for iPad? if it’s going to be a… Continue reading

How to mount dmg files on Linux

In Linux you can mount almost any formats! most people don’t know they can mount dmg files in Linux. Dmg files are disk image format for Macintosh, file system type for dmg and… Continue reading

Hello IT?

have you seen ‘The IT Crowd” ? it’s amazing. freaking funny. You can watch this hilarious show here. Don’t miss this. if you live in UK you can watch it for free. You… Continue reading

Compare Windows and Mac, the Facebook way

From facebook To take a screen shot of an error on your account, please complete the following steps: 3. Click the open window that you wish to take a screen shot of. The… Continue reading

Thank you :)

I like to thank all my friends who made my 26th birthday the best day 🙂 سایت ساز طراحی سایت

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