Everything iPad 2

In this post I gather every review, teardown, unboxing, unlock, etc. Keep checking this post as I keep adding new reviews, news, and basically everything you need to know in one place! PS:… Continue reading

How to quickly record audio with quicktime

sometimes being lazy helped me discover nice features in Mac OS X. I always wanted to record audio from mic in one go. I looked into QuickSilver for a plugin, no luck. Long… Continue reading

When Microsoft doesn’t know how to build a website

I thought I give SkyDrive a shot, look what happened here! Microsoft doesn’t know how to make a website cross browser compatible! Since I have a Mac, I assume SkyDrive works on IE… Continue reading

Starcraft 2: futuristic sci-fi game with cowboy taste?

When I pressed “BUY” button on, I had an image in my mind how SC2 would be. If I want to be perfectly honest with you, I am greatly disappointed ! If… Continue reading

iPhone 4 Antenna Reception fix

There is two solutions for iPhone 4 reception problem ( apart from buying a case ): First solution is adding a small piece of tape over the bottom left of your iPhone, where… Continue reading

Jony Ive hasn’t changed his shirt in a decade (via teqnolog)

If you look closely at the intro videos Apple plays whenever it launches a new product, you'll notice a few constants. One: Apple's design guru, Jonathan Ive, is in every single video. Two:… Continue reading

iPad is coming to UK on May 28

Unfortunately iPad price is not a simple USD conversion! Europe: 16GB WiFi-only €479 32GB WiFi-only €579 64GB WiFi-only €679 16GB WiFi+3G €579 32GB WiFi+3G €679 64GB WiFi+3G €779 UK: 16GB WiFi-only £429 32GB… Continue reading

How do you choose your beer/bar?

I’m doing bit of a research on how we choose what beer to drink and where. Please help me with filling this survey I’ll post the interesting results here.

Canada’s shame

WHY IS CANADA KILLING SEALS? Most people would agree that there is something terribly wrong with shooting and smashing in the skulls of baby seals, yet despite international outrage, the Canadian government allows… Continue reading

Women, the best freaking firewall in the world

It’s a simple calculation! One human cell contains 75MB genetic information. One sperm contains a half of that; that is 37.5MB. One ml of semen contains 100 million sperms. In average, ejaculation lasts… Continue reading

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