Open letter to International Boxing Association

Dear London International Boxing Association committee,

on 1st of August 2012, during the second round of heavyweight match between Ali Mazaheri (Iran) and Jose Larduet Gomez (Cuba), the German referee gave Ali Mazaheri three warnings in just one minute.As a result he disqualified from Olympic games.

This unfair judgement broke a nation’s heart and shattered Mazaheri’s dream. These athletes waited for years, worked hard to qualify and they may not have another chance of being in the same stage. This referee’s action brought tears to many eyes. A nation living under dictatorship and though economic conditions.

It’s utterly disappointing how AIBA is reacting to these complains. How many times we should see poor refereeing? Olympic games is not just about winning or loosing. Building a peaceful and better world in Olympic spirit which requires mutual understanding with spirit of friendship, solidarity, and fairplay.

on 1st of August, we witnessed the crush of this spirit and an end to a nation’s dream for gold, which gives them hope during though times. We demand official investigation and reverse of the decision made.

Kind Regards,
An Iranian

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