How to quickly record audio with quicktime

sometimes being lazy helped me discover nice features in Mac OS X. I always wanted to record audio from mic in one go. I looked into QuickSilver for a plugin, no luck. Long story short, I used QuickSilver along with Automator and Quicktime to achieve this.

Here is step by step guide:

Step one download QuickSilver and install it.

Step two install Extra Script plugin

install extra script plugin

This plugin allow us to run apple scripts or automators.

Step three Open Automator, select application from ‘Choose a template’ startup screen. Then, add new audio capture and start capture from Movies library to workflow as shown below

save it as “record mic”

Step four rescan quicksilver catalog then trigger quicksilver and just type “record mic” (it will come up sooner).

That’s it! you are now recording from your mic (or any other source, you can change them in Preferences). next time just type record mic in Quick Silver