Starcraft 2: futuristic sci-fi game with cowboy taste?

When I pressed “BUY” button on, I had an image in my mind how SC2 would be. If I want to be perfectly honest with you, I am greatly disappointed ! If you start the so-called “Campaign” you’ll see what I mean.

The Starcraft story happens in 2030 or something. The main character, Jim Raynor, is officially a cowboy. not that anything is wrong with being cowboyish, but obviously this theme doesn’t work for a game like starcraft. likewise, choice of music is somehow cowboyish 80’s.

All of those are not the most annoying part! It’s not just the theme which seems to be wrong, the actors are so calm in difficult situations; they supposed to be nervous and sad for god’s sake! aliens are killing your people “doc”!!

I stopped playing campaign long ago. It’s sad I can’t get rid of 80’s musics ( which btw is very relaxing and not relative to game context). Good job bilizzard ruining my fav game. Can I have my money back?