One big iPhone versus post [Updated]

There are lots of “iPhone vs ….. ” article out there. Since iPhone ‘reinvented’ smart phones many other companies tried to follow iPhone path. Closest competitor is Android-based phones with multitouch support. iPhone is not only better in Hardware it’s better in Software too! It’s fast, reliable, smooth, responsive and best of all there are thousands of NOT-CRAP Applications almost for anything you want to do. if you Jailbreak your iPhone then you can have multitask, bluetooth file transfer, Remotely view your iPhone etc…

If you just experience iPhone for a week I assure you , you’ll love it. No offense Linux lovers , Problem is them not Linux. It’s all about pleasant experience!

BEST COMPARISON VIDEOS (if you have any good video or post please mention it on comments:

not really iPhone comparison video but worth looking at

Browser comparison

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