Top 25 most beautiful universities

I personally believe these 23 (vote for another two, put your suggestions in comments) universities are most beautiful universities in the whole world. If you think I’m wrong name better ones in comment section below.

Update: three new universities added, first british university in the list!
Update 2: make sure to add picture to your suggestion. I will add candidate universities with a poll so everyone can vote. Keep them coming! 
Update 3: List reduced to 20 universities, leaving 5 slot free for vote.

1. Pepperdine University (PEPPERDINE.EDU)

2. Flagler College (FLAGLER.EDU)

3. Rhodes Collage (RHODES.EDU)

4. Stanford University (STANFORD.EDU)

5. Sewanee (SWANEE.EDU)

6. New College of Florida (NCF.EDU)

7. Yale University (YALE.EDU)

8. Vanderbilt University (VANDERBILT.EDU)

9. University of Virginia (VIRGINIA.EDU)

10.University of Notre Dame (ND.EDU)

Notre Dame

11. Cornell University (CORONELL.EDU)

12. Harvard University (HARVARD.EDU)

13. University of Oxford (OX.AC.UK)

14. Weber State University (WEBER.EDU)

15. University of Cambridge (CAM.AC.UK)

16. University of Glasgow (GLA.AC.UK)

17. University of Edinburgh (ED.AC.UK)

18. University of Debrecen (

19. Georgetown University (

20. Kenyon College (

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