iPhone Unlocked

Upgrade to 1.1.3

FREE iPhone SIM Unlock Software released!

for firmware 1.1.1

iPhone Unlock Contest finally reached its goal,guys iPhone finally unlocked.dream comes true,thats right you can unlock your iPhone using Turbo SIM cards,(only 80$ for blank SIM)

i will release a full how-to article but for now just goto bladox forum and find out how.


Turbo SIM

this is turbo SIM

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HOWTO:(by MetalRat)


OK I have seen so many questions still circulating regarding how to get the TurboSIM method working. I am going to try and illustrate the simplest method.
WARNING: If you are non-technical, confused as to how to use or install application on computers without an installer or are unfamilliar with terms such as ssh, scp or chmod then you probably should NOT be attempting to use the TurboSIM method anyway.
Seriously, you can waste a lot of money if you get this wrong.
1. Get an iPhone. Try an applestore, or even ebay.
2. Once you get it, make sure you read the manual.
3. At the top of the phone is the SIM card tray, in there is your AT&T sim. Go on, have a look. Now put it back.
4. Use one of the many, many well documented methods to activate your phone. Any of them will be fine, and if you can get to this part then you can probably continue.
5. Order a TurboSIM (Blank version) from www.bladox.com
6. Wait.
7. Wait.
8. If you ordered via an express shipping method you can skip to step 11
9. wait
10. wait a bit more
11. You could have done this step while you were waiting, but install SSH. Use these instructions http://cre.ations.net/blog/post/howt…on-your-iphone (in the comments there is a mac version of the SSH installer)
While you are at it install the iPhone binary kit, too: http://iphone.natetrue.com/iphone-binkit-0.06.tar.gz
12. Once you have done that and are able to ssh into your phone over wireless (if you dont know how already then I suggest you give up now. cancel your order with bladox.)
Hint 1: Find your iPhone IP address under: Settings ->WiFi -> <YourWirelessNetwork> -> blue arrowy thing
Hint 2: Either using Putty (for windows) or ssh (for mac from the terminal) use that IP address to connect to the iPhone. E.g: ssh -l root
The root password is dottie. I suggest you change it unless you want someone like me to totally take the shine off your afternoon.
13. download the iPhone port of the bladox utilities: http://www.gofilego.com/?fileid=71ae…3da7541ee37ae8
Extract these files and in there somewhere you will see a little file called “turbo-app” copy this to your iPhone using scp for instance:
scp turbo-app root@
Download this: http://www.bladox.com/pub/applesaft-0.92.tar.gz
in the “bin” directory copy applesaft.trb to the iphone:
scp applesaft.trb root@
14. copy the follwing file from the iPhone /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist
and add the following line:
after these lines, already present in the file
Now copy the file back. Yes, to the same location you got it from.
14. now you will have to reboot your iPhone. (Told you to read the manual) You can do this by pressing the power button for a few seconds until it asks you if you want to switch it off, or you can just take out the battery….
15. Now, get your AT&T sim and carefully cut it as indicated in the packet that the TurboSIM came in.
16. Do the same for the SIM you want to be using eventually in the iPhone.
17. CAREFULLY, VERY CAREFULLY. place the AT&T sim along with the TurboSIM into the sim tray and pop it into the iPhone.
It should slide in without too much effort, DO NOT FORCE IT IN. BE CAREFUL.
18. Now ssh into your phone and do the following (yes include the slashes):
chmod 755 /turbo-app
/turbo-app /applesaft.trb
This will take several seconds to run just be patient.
19. Go to Settings -> Phone -> SIM Applications -> Apple Saft and then click SET.
20. Eject the sim tray CAREFULLY.
21. CAREFULLY, REALLLY EFFING CAREFULLY, put the TurboSIM and your target SIM into the iPhone.
22. Remember that file I told you to edit? Right edit it again and take out that line I told you to put in, then copy it back to the iPhone.
23. Do 14. Again.
24. Fingers crossed it should be working now.
25. Go to Settings -> General -> Network -> EDGE and change your details according to your operators instructions.
26. Thank everyone who has put time and effort into this, including Ozbimmer, ZF, the bladox developers. Yadda yadda.
OK? Any questions? I can answer all of them:
a) read the instructions again
b) google for it.