WTF? Unbelievable Joost Bug

i have been registered in your site via my email address,and then i received a confirm email. i clicked on confirmation link,Joost said Confirmed! and then i tried to login,Joost said :

Login error



The email address you provided is not listed as a valid beta test account, or you’ve entered a wrong password.


Please try again, using the email address you originally used to register with Joost™ and make sure you have been invited as a beta tester. Thank you!


then i tried forgot password, but Joost said:


Invalid email



We have a problem! We can’t find your email address on our list of approved beta testers. Until we can verify you as a registered beta tester, we can’t send you a new password.


If you’ve signed up for beta testing but haven’t yet heard from us, you may still be on the waiting list. Check your email to see if you’ve received a message from Joost (and remember to check your spam folder in case it’s ended up there by mistake). If you haven’t yet received this email, please be patient – we’re adding people to the list as fast as we can, but it may take a little while.


If you’re certain that you’ve been approved as a beta tester, please try again – remember to use the email address you originally used to register with Joost™ or you won’t be recognised. Thank you!


i’m truley surpised! this is an online buzz video service? Joost is Youtube killer?