Howto Bypass Internet Censorship by Firefox+PHProxy Addon

What We Need?

1-A firefox 2.x

2-An Extention:PHProxy

Step 1:

install Your Lovely Browser:firefox 2

Step 2:Install PHProxy Extention.

Step 3:Close Your Firefox and open it again.

Step 4:you will see P icon in Statusbar.

Step 5:Add New Proxy.

by Search “allintitle:”PHProxy”. many of phproxy you found maybe filtered but with google you can always find uncensored one 🙂 just click. (i found via google). and then right click on ‘P’ Sign and click on options. enter PHProxy url you found and click on ‘Save New Proxy’.

Now you can bypass filtering with two clicks:

Click one:Right Click on Censored Link and copy it(for example You want to goto you must copy this link.

Click two:Right Click on ‘P’ Icon in status bar and click on ‘Secure Paste And Go’ or ‘Secure Paste And Go in New Tab’ for opening in new tab.

That’s it,Easy huh? you may need uncensored PHProxy address , you can find it via google

if you want this article in Persian just request via comments