Do Not Buy Zune

Our reason:

1- Microsoft made! (most important Reason)

2-If you ever bought songs in protected WMA, you know it is a technology prone to problem, the worst is you can’t keep the song, you PC is reinstalled (you know that winblows can’t run for 2 month w/o reinstall), your purchased songs are gone and you must buy again! (source)

3-iTunes Store are still cheaper!

4-You can’t Use Zune on your Mac or Linux cuz Zune only plays WMA!

5-Zune comes with Dedicated Media player, if u load ur unrestricted file in ur zune they become restricted wma!

Read engadget review with many screenshots. (Zune Sucked)

Zune Owner Speaks about Zune On Tuesday, Microsoft released their iPod competitor, the Zune. Zune, as in ‘Hey, your Zune isn’t as cool as my iPod.’“”

Final Simple word: “Do Not Trust Microsoft,Microsoft Sucks always in any products.”