How to Play Strip Poker,From Toby Bochan,

A Fun Game for Adults

Want to spice up your poker night? Play a game of poker where clothes become currency: strip poker. For obvious reasons, these rules are for games with adults only.

Strip Poker: The Cast of Characters

Before you think about introducing strip poker to your evening’s entertainment, make sure you’re with other like-minded adults. This is a game for couples, potential paramours, or a group/party of like-minded friends who won’t freak out when the clothes come off. This isn’t a game anyone should feel pushed into — it’ll be no fun for that person or the other players.

Strip Poker: The Rules

In strip poker, instead of playing for cash, you play for clothes. Alternately, you can start out playing for money and when players run out of cash, they must offer up articles of clothing to remain in a hand. zSB(3,3);if(!z336){var zIsb=gEI(“adsb”);if(zIsb){”inline”;”0px”;”0px”;}var zIss=gEI(“adss”);if(zIss){”inline”;”0px”;”0px”;}}

If they lose, the clothes get removed. You can play any variation of poker, though it’s best to keep it to simple games with fewer betting rounds such as five card draw or one of the five-card draw variations.

Strip Poker: How Much Is Each Article Worth?

Another thing to decide before people start shedding clothes is what the clothes are worth. If a sock is worth one bet, is a shirt worth two? Decide before you begin what the currency of clothing equals, and if it’s possible for people to buy back clothes.

Strip Poker: When is it Over?

You’ll know. If someone is down to their skivvies and hugging themselves and declaring they’re out, it’s over.