O’Sullivan Breaks!

tonight Runnie O’sullivan defeated by Higgins 9-10,very near game! O’sullivan maked another breaks,he gived 139 points of 147 possible! it’s wonderful,only black and just one pink 🙂

but i’m very sad to say he is NOT champion of MASTERS tonight,very close and sometimes we can say lucky Higgins :p

“It’s such a fitting finale for everyone, especially for the crowd,” said Higgins.

“I’ll take the best ever memories away from this tournament. Someone could not have written the script better.”

Higgins said the key ball in his victory was the red to the middle that set up his superb clearance in the final frame.

The Scot, trailing 60-0, rolled in the pot by the narrowest of margins, with the red looking like it was going to stop a fraction short of the pocket.

“I was praying and praying for the ball to go in,” said Higgins.

“I didn’t think it was going in, but I was so relieved to see it drop.

“You can be in the depths of despair and then be totally elated. That was a brilliant clearance to win it.

“When I got down to the black ball I was just shaking, but thankfully I managed to hold my nerve.”

Ronnie O'Sullivan

O’Sullivan missed a difficult red in the last frame to let Higgins in

O’Sullivan was matter-of-fact about his defeat.

“I wasn’t good enough at the end of the day,” said the world number one.

“I found it difficult to get any momentum going.

“It’s been a fantastic tournament and great to be part of it. It was a tough match all day long.

“I’m disappointed not to have won, but John made a great clearance in the last frame.”
this is word ranking before Masters LONDON result! (top 10)

1 Ronnie O’Sullivan (ENG) 49812

2 Stephen Hendry (SCO) 42137

3 Stephen Maguire (SCO) 33750

4 Matthew Stevens (WAL) 33712

5 Paul Hunter (ENG) 32125

6 John Higgins (SCO) 32024

7 Peter Ebdon (ENG) 31175

8 Jimmy White (ENG) 30962

9 Mark Williams (WAL) 29749

10 Stephen Lee (ENG) 29650